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18 Jan

The following is not meant to be misused on others. ”Meaning:“No pussy, no boobs, and still behaves like a princess!” “Teri maa ki gaand ki baal mein jalaay hue, maarey hue chupkili key unday”Meaning:“There are burnt, dead lizard eggs in the hair around your mother’s ass.” Apni gaand mein muthi daal Meaning: Put your fist up your ass Apni land choos Meaning: Go and suck your own dick Apni ma ko ja choos Meaning: Go suck your mom Baap ke lavde Meaning: Penis of father Backarchodu Meaning: Goat-fucker Badir Meaning: Idiot Badirchand Meaning: Idiot Bahen ke laude Meaning: Sister’s dick Bakland Meaning: Idiot Bandaa Meaning: Semi-dick Beti Chod Meaning: Daughter fucker Bhadhava Meaning: Pimp Bhadkhau Meaning: One who takes commission from a prostitute Bhadwe ka awlat Meaning: Son of a pimp Bhai Chhod bhayee chod Meaning: Brother Fucker Bhai Chod Meaning: Brother-fucker Bhains ki aulad Meaning: Son of a buffalo bhan ka loda Meaning:sister ass licker Bhen Chhod bhaynchod Meaning: Sister Fucker Bhen chod Meaning: Fuck your sister Bhen Chod Meaning: Sister-fucker Bhen ke takke Meaning: Go and suck your sister’s balls Bhons Ri-Waalaa Meaning: You fucker Bhosad Chod Meaning: Ass fucker Booblay Meaning: Boobs Buhtah-nee ka Meaning: Son of a Witch Bumchod Meaning: Ass fucker Bur ki chatani Meaning: Ketchup of cunt Carrom board Meaning: Flat-chested Chhed Meaning: Vagina (lit.” Januwar Meaning: Animal Jhaant ke pissu Meaning: Bug of pubic hair Jhaat chaatu Meaning: Pubic hair licker Jhaat ka bhaaji Meaning: Pubic hair fried with vegetables Jhalla-gay Meaning:“Faggot, fairy” Jhat ke baal Meaning: Pubic hair Kahe ko kha raha hai chut ki chapati aur lund ka beja?

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(I don’t care) Lundfakir Meaning: Saint of dicks Lundoos Meaning: Born into this world from a dick LundÿMeaning:“Penis, dick, cock” Ma chudi Meaning: Mother’s fucked Maa ke bable Meaning: Mother’s breasts Maa ke bhadve Meaning: Mom’s pimp Maa ke bhadwe Meaning: Mother’s pimp Madar Chhod maaduhr chod Meaning: Mother fucker Mader chod Meaning: Mother-fucker mahder chod Meaning:mother fucker Mammey mumm-aye Meaning: Breasts Mammey mummaye Meaning: Breasts Mangachinamun Meaning: Idiot Mein teri maa ko liya tha uski suhaag raat pei. Mein teri maa ko teri bhen ki choot mein chodoonga aur tera baap laltern lekar aayega.

–Ayan Rand– In our country we have those three unspeakably precious things: freedom of speech, freedom ofconscience, and the prudence never to practiceeither.–Mark Twain– In America sex is an obsession, in other parts ofthe world it is a fact.–Marlene Dietrich– America is the greatest of opportunities and theworst of influences.–George Santayana– The discovery of America was the occasion of thegreatest outburst of cruelty and reckless greedknown in history.–Joseph Conrad– The genius of you Americans is that you nevermake clear-cut stupid moves, only complicatedstupid moves which make us wonder at the possi-bility that there may be something to them whichwe are missing.–Gamal Abdel Nasser– Animals have these advantages over man: theyhave no theologians to instruct them, theirfunerals cost them nothing, and no one startslawsuits over their wills.–Voltaire– There is no underestimating the intelligenceof the American public.–H. Mencken– Democracy is the are of running the circusfrom the monkey cage.–H. Mencken– Perhaps the most revolting character that the United States ever produced was the Christian business man.–H. Mencken– The trouble with New York is that it has nonationality at all.

It is simply a sort of free port —a place where the raw materials of civilization arereceived, sorted out, and sent further on.–H. Mencken– Texas is the place where there are the most cows andthe least milk and the most rivers and the leastwater in them, and where you can look the farthestand see the least.–H. Mencken– Baseball has the great advantage over cricket ofbeing sooner ended.–George Bernard Shaw– It ain’t those parts of the Bible that I can’t under-stand that bother me, it’s the parts that I dounderstand.–Mark Twain– So far as I can remember, there is not one wordin the Gospels in praise of intelligence.–Bertrand Russell– Scriptures….

Teri ma chadha ka lund choos Meaning: Your mother sucks donkey dick Teri ma gandi rundi Meaning: Your mother is a filthy whore Teri ma ki bund mein chaarpai bichhake teri bhen ko chodun.

Meaning: I will put a bed in your mother’s cunt and fuck your sister on it.