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19 Dec

I’m not saying marrying a child off at 8 is wise, but what would be wise if that’s going to be the situation for them.

And about half of America would agree, perhaps even most of the world, that it isn’t unreasonable to teach an 11 year old, or even less a 12 year old, what will be possible for their bodies to do within a year or two.

That would mean in order to do what God says is good, that being to have children, they would have to sin.

No wonder then that they are comfortable with saying that sinning/doing evil can be a good thing, and why they have no problem with doing what is obviously evil to others (and people can get into all kinds of examples of evil things Mormons do and how they minimize how bad they are by saying that Hell is really Earth, and “out darkness” is just being emotionally tormented, or at the worst, uncomfortable.

For example, teaching a child at a very early age (before seven) might hinder their ability to learn well.

Beyond that, the husband told me that Adam and Eve wouldn’t have been able to have children even, had they not done that, because they didn’t know how to have sex (therefore eating it would reveal how to them).There is no indication in the Bible that it was a sin for God to teach them about sex, either directly or indirectly.3) The Mormons, without evidence for doing so, link adulthood with the ability to learn about sex, or it being morally allowable for them to learn about sex, and linked adulthood with knowledge of right and wrong.Children, let alone 1 day old children aren’t born with the ability to speak fluently and use advanced concepts and to know how to garden like Adam and Eve were.They were born adults but without the knowledge of what good and evil were.