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18 Mar

His mom walked through the door with a glass of milk and some cookies. They’re fresh out of the oven, too” she smiled at Daniel and placed the plate on his bed and the milk on his nightstand.Gently she sat down on the bed beside him and patted his back, taking a moment to admire him after not being able to see him for so long.After all these years he wasn’t quite sure how to treat his mother, it was like suddenly living with a stranger for him.She could sense his distress and wished she could take his mind off the painful loss he was suffering, but she knew only time would heal that wound.The awkwardness of not having seen one another swept away by the deep bonds of love forged almost a decade ago.

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No fast food nearby and the closest market is 40 minutes away.” Before Daniel could complain about not having his favorite fast food their mother served the stew and he had to admitt it looked very appetizing. ” His mother and Katey looked at him quizzicaly before Katey finally spoke up, “We don’t get internet out here, We don’t even have TV really except for some basic broadcast channels.. ” Daniel looked at her in disbelief, clutching his chest as if he’d been struck almost. ” Katey shook her head, “No, Mom home-schools me.” Daniel’s mother walked over to him and patted his shoulder comfortingly, “I’m going to be giving you your studies from now on, I don’t approve of the Public School System.” Daniel heaved a sigh of disbelief but he didn’t want to sour their first night re-united by pouting.“I’ve really missed you Daniel, and even though circumstances are not the best..I am glad you are here with me now.” Daniel managed a weak smile and nodded, looking away from his mother at the floor.He had never heard anything about South Dakota and didn’t know what to expect, but so far it just looked like an endless sprawl of snow covered forest and fields.He pulled his eyes back down to his gameboy which was just running out of battery life, “Great..