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14 Dec

Young, who says he was “selectively and vindictively prosecuted,” resigned as lobbyist for the Beer League of Louisiana last month. If convicted, Young could be sentenced to five years in prison and would be branded a sex offender for life, he said in his motion. Green pointed to his department’s response filed on Friday which denies any retaliation and underscores that child pornography is a serious crime and that the government has wide discretion in deciding whom to prosecute.“Apparently, (Young) believes that the Constitution affords special protection to politically-connected lobbyists,” wrote Assistant U.

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A man who became a woman would still only have sperm to contribute, and a woman who became a man would only have the eggs.

A sex change operation will not give them ovaries/testicles.

But I do think you are politically incorrect,” Young alleges FBI Agent Stephen Soli told him in August. 4 stated Young told a coworker the offensive imagery came from Costa Rica, a country Young frequents since he is a part-owner of a hotel there.

A separate memo by Hattier claims Young mentioned he travels with Hebert frequently, noting Hebert always pays his own way, but the second document did not mention Costa Rica.

Young is an internal memorandum by FBI Agent Maurice J. which says agents asked Young about allegations that Hebert’s office gave favorable treatment to Young’s clients — marking the clearest documentation yet the government has been investigating Hebert. Senate seat.“I am sorry to hear that a friend of mine is allegedly being extorted to set me up, but I am proud of my service as ATC Commissioner,” said Hebert in a statement Monday.

Hebert has previously denied reports he was under FBI investigation about whether he issued a liquor license to a New Orleans business in exchange for sex. 13, a few days before Hebert announced he would step down from the ATC so he could spend more time with his family and mull a political run. Hebert added he was vindicated by Young’s statement that he didn’t have any incriminating information on him.

Young says in his motion that he regrets his bad judgment in sending the clips, but didn’t consider the videos to constitute child pornography, adding he has no desire to exploit children.The GRS will "block" entrance to the uterus when a penis is constructed, but sperm production won't be viable since the testes are artificial.However, if I remember correctly, a substantial number of trans-men actually don't opt to get the GRS because the current techniques lead to results that are... There was a case of a transman who became pregnant not that long ago but I have no idea how far along in his transition he was at the time of impregnation.This is especially a viable option for lesbian trans-women, for obvious reason.For trans-men (person born as a female going to male), if memory suffices they can still get pregnant while undergoing HRT.