Sexbots chat room

14 Apr

Tired of your ,000 anatomically-correct sex doll just lying there?

Well, now Real Doll, purveyors of alarmingly lifelike silicone sex partners -- and apparently not movie buffs -- plans to give them personalities.

It’s a legitimate concern, but my instinct says that people will actually be fairly good at drawing the distinction and if anything robot sex will tend not to be thought of either as like sex with humans or sex with machines: it’ll mainly be thought of as , and in fact that’s where a large part of the appeal will lie.

It could be argued that the whole business is simply demeaning and undignified, for example – though dignified sex is pretty difficult to pull off at the best of times.

It might be that the human partner’s emotional nature is coarsened and denied the chance to develop, or that their social life is impaired by their spending every evening with the machine.

I'm trying to do the quest Wang Dang Atomic Tango right now and I'm stuck at the very end because Mitch is glitched.

He's reverted to his original behavior as though he thinks I just got to town and haven't done all the King's quests yet.