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12 Jan

So if you don't pay them money you lose everything you worked so hard for. Then then try to get picked up (yes you read that right) by a "mumu" who is a mom figure.

I think that is extortion and it does not teach kids anything. The only thing we dislike about it is every time my son clicks on most things it wants him to purchase a membership..I get asked several times a day if he can get a membership...which can be aggravating because my financial situation right now wont allow it. And once, I saw someone trying to give their phone number away. Some aren't '' Cool'' enough to fit in with the popular crowd. The pookie penguins will say things like, "Pick mwe! Then, if they get picked up they will go back to her igloo and do whatever the mumu says.

Overall, Club Penguin is smart & fun, but membership has some problems that need addressed in order to make this site totally terrific.

Membership allows kids to fully enjoy the site, however, when the membership renewal doesn't go though or expires, objects such as costumes, hats, ninja outfits, igloo items & more all "disappear temporarily" until the minimum .95 fee is paid.

After all, we already PAID to have access to all those cute items & therefore they NOW BELONG to our child's account!

Items acquired during membership should remain the "property" of the account holder, not the site!

And you can get better "stuff" if you pay for a membership.

In my opinion this type of site in all its innocence is a just precursor for Myspace. You can work very hard to gain points and the points buy you nice things.

If your child is a new member, they will be a pookie. They sure talk up a good game with all of their nonsense about moderation. I logged on to spy on my children, and discovered that players with free chat can say anything they want.

It's ridiculous for a child to exclaim, "Oh no, I can't use my ninja suit and my items are blocked out! The site owner should prompt membership payment/renewal by making ONLY NEW ITEMS unavailable until membership is renewed again.

Certainly, the retailer has no right to TAKE WHAT WAS ALREADY PAID FOR! means that parents will always be renewing their child's account!

Then if your membership ends, you lose everything you worked hard for. Some penguins pretend that they are babies (known as pookies).

The only way to gain things back is to renew your membership. There is a whole secret code thing going on in this game. They sit around and act like a baby (basically typing in baby talk into the chat function) and dress a certain way with a certain color skin.