Sharepoint site usage summary not updating funny rules dating daughter

08 Apr

So even if you are a 5,000 company, you will only pay 10,000$ a year, so this can be really really interesting!In this blog post we have looked at Share Point Vitals, a tool that allows you to see detailed analytics on your Share Point On-Premises or online environments.On any one of those metrics, you can click on them to dig deeper into the content, and get more information.Share Point Vitals contains over 15 One of the cool things about Share Point Vitals is that they also have a Power BI API that allows customers to create their own reports in Power BI by using data gathered in Share Point Vitals. We first have a Page Hits report allowing us to see the most viewed pages, and we can select the dates for which we want to look at in the top.If you’re looking for an analytics solution for Share Point 2013/2016 or Share Point Online, make sure you check out Share Point vitals! When the site exceeds the maximum storage allowed, notification is sent to the account administrator.

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The sample report I had access to contained 3 pages and really showed the top information a manager might need to see if people are using Share Point more and more every week!

If you see people are accessing it from the US but you do not have an office there, this can be a huge red flag, so it’s worth investigating!

The results in SP Vitals are in real time, so this is also different from a few other analytics tools that are waiting for a timer job or similar to actually refresh them.

Vitals gives you Share Point web analytics that can definitely help in cases of governance, user adoption, security and compliance.

Now that we have introduced the product, let’s start the review!