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02 Jan

She had denied it on numerous occasions including during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live last year, but fast forward to today and she is now coming clean.“He’s a good guy.

He’s like my best friend I can talk to him about anything,” says Sheree to Us Weekly. He’s family orientated, he’s very spiritual.”Sheree reveals that she actually briefly dated Tyrone about “six years ago” before he went away to prison.

Sheree Whitfield revealed the shocking news that she was in love with a man in prison last week, and Radar exclusively obtained the court documents that expose the reason he was thrown behind bars for a shocking10 years!

The star and Tyrone Gilliams started dating before he was locked up, but according to his indictment in federal court he was busted for stealing million from two victims and spending the money on his own lavish lifestyle!

“His focus right now is getting out of prison,” Whitfield told it was revealed that Whitfield’s previous husband, former NFL player Bob Whitfield, was allegedly abusive towards her during their seven-year marriage.

He’s family orientated, he’s very spiritual.” The Bravo star confirmed to Wendy Williams that his name is Tyrone and that the two “dated, back, maybe six years ago.” Her former flame reached out “a couple years ago” while serving time for wire fraud.

“I feel like he gets me,” Whitfield, 47, gushed as the Atlanta Housewives touched down in San Francisco for a girls trip.

“We’ve been talking on the phone.” Longtime friends Whitfield and Gilliams had lost contact for about four years before reconnecting and beginning their romantic relationship. “We stopped talking before he went to prison because he didn’t want to get me involved in any of that.” Soon thereafter, they reconnected and have been going strong since. “He just got caught up in the wrong craziness, and hopefully he’ll be back soon.” he was the catalyst for one of the most iconic arguments in Housewives history as Leakes and Whitfield clashed over booking rates for paid appearances Gilliams was setting up.

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For the first time in my life, I really don’t care what everybody else thinks.An insider told Radar, “Sheree feels blindsided over the discussion of the particulars of her romance with prisoner Tyrone Gilliams.She has known Tyrone for decades and knew that Nene Leakes had knowledge of Tyrone and his criminal past.She adds that he reached out to her “a couple years ago” which ultimately led to the rekindling of their relationship.“His focus right now is getting out of prison,” shares Sheree. Absolutely,” says Sheree on the topic of walking down the aisle again.Well that is going to be one long wait as Tyrone’s release date is currently listed as November 14, 2022. While there had been some rumors that Sheree might have secretly married Tyrone, that appears to be false though she makes it clear she is open to getting married again.“Absolutely! Tyrone’s name might be familiar to some viewers as he was the promoter that was involved in the past beef between Nene Leakes and Sheree during an earlier season of RHOA about some hosting gig drama.