Signs you39re dating a commitment phobe

27 Dec

If you notice this just please treat it as a red flag.

Poor communication is another trait that you should really watch out for as you date a new person.

This happens after dates that also went really well and you will realize that you are always having long periods of silence after dates and unless you do something he will not do anything about it.

So in a nutshell, be prepared to always be dong the romantic legwork in the relationship 10.

“I’m really busy with this project, but we can get together sometime next week, ” or ” Sorry I did not see your texts until now” are texts that should really worry you if they are done repeatedly.

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Don't let your SO’s lack of serious past relationships delude you into thinking they were waiting on the right one.It is, however, important to note that such men also have major problems making decisions in different areas of life, especially those that involve other people.While they may have problems relating to people, they may not have a problem with getting a pet, buying a car or a house.You will notice that you send him detailed texts about your day expecting him to reciprocate or to ask you about what you told him, only to get a vague answer.All you will get from him are ‘K,’ or ‘Wow.’ Granted, there are people who are just poor at texting but you have to be careful before coming to that conclusion because the man could really be emotionally unavailable.