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14 Feb

Q: I have a VIP Ticket for the next party do I still need to register?A: Yes, all VIP Ticket holders are encouraged to register their ticket.The thoughts running through his head aren’t ones of envy nor grief. He isn’t mad that some fella somewhere else is getting paid more while ripping people off. The rewards for such a life are internal rewards, maybe heavenly rewards. He doesn’t wish he was somewhere else living as someone else, because those thoughts are utterly useless. So, he goes about his day doing the best job he can possibly do. He may be working in a factory, behind a computer, on a construction job, or on a farm. He and his soul are fine with the path they’ve chosen. It’s about him, his family, his journey, not about every other Tom, Dick, and Harry and what they do with their time and with their money. It’s the smile on your child’s face when they eat a hot meal. Society has turned into anti-manliness glitz and glamour where the loudest one in the room, while also the weakest, is who most pay attention to.

Even the shyest folks have been seen talking and laughing all night. Your goal at this party is to meet as many people as possible.

We see new people at each party so you'll want to come back again and again. One of the driving factors in our selecting venues for our parties is that the location must be one that our partygoers will feel comfortable coming to alone or bringing their friends.

Q: I want to attend, but am unsure about coming alone. A Lock And Key party is so much fun that you really don't need a Wing Person!

Here's a chance for you to find new friends at the party that enjoy getting out and doing fun things.

If not, Ladies may call Janice at 770-815-4997 or include "Party Pal" and your phone number in your Registration to let us know you are attending alone. We hear all the time that someone is too shy to approach people in a group setting.