Speed dating good questions to ask

07 Dec

'If your cardiologist isn' t doing the procedure, they should let you know who is.' 'Don't be afraid of sounding rude - this is something patients are entitled to,' says Dr Hildick-Smith.'Many hospitals offer a variety of treatments and may not have performed your procedure in the past year.After watching the crowd (who were all so friendly), they were so much more receptive to one another than the usual club gathering.

I recently attended a Lock and Key event at Blue Martini in Brickell.Make sure your cardiologist knows the new guidelines.' 'Stopping smoking is the biggest change you can make, followed by diet and exercise,' advises Dr Hildick-Smith.'A cardiac rehabilitation nurse can work with you on devising a bespoke health plan.' 'It's important to get an idea of how you're likely to feel after treatment,' says Dr Simpson.Most cardiologists appreciate this and will help you get a second opinion.' 'Patients are often fearful of asking about their chances of survival,' says Dr Simpson, 'but finding out the success rates of your procedure and comparing statistics in your hospital to those nationally will help to ensure you get the best treatment.' 'This is a valid question, but a lot of patients feel silly about asking it,' says Dr Simpson.'There are different guidelines on the risks of flying with a heart condition, but a new study entitled fit to fly will be published later this year.