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23 Jan

* It’s Hot It is normal for skin to feel hot during laser and IPL treatments, but you should expect the skin to cool down quickly.Your laser technician can give you an idea how long you should expect the skin to feel hot.If the skin has been ablated or is “raw” you may be instructed to use an occlusive ointment immediately and apply cold packs over occlusive sheet or ointment. Opening the blisters will make the area more vulnerable to infection – You may be instructed to apply a topical steroid such as hydrocortisone cream – You may be instructed to apply antibiotic cream or ointment to the burn.– Watch the skin for signs of infection After the burns have healed: Once the burns have healed, the concern becomes how to treat and prevent scars.If you suspect that you have been burned, be sure to discuss it with your Laser Technician before you leave the office.

It typically feels like a hot rubber-band snap, without any lingering pain or heat.– Cool the skin as quickly as possible (within the first few hours). – While driving home after the treatment, aim the air conditioner toward the treated area if possible.– Soak a washcloth or gauze in a bowl of ice water, ring out the excess water and apply the to the treated area. When you feel gauze or cloth become warm, it is the time to switch it out.The technician can also take immediate action to cool the skin and possibly prevent a burn, or reduce the severity.Usually, you will know almost immediately if you have a burn.