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15 Apr

Her best friend since childhood is Harper (Jennifer Stone), who often tries to keep her out of trouble.Though she continues to torment her older brother Justin, the two seem to have a close bond that neither seem to have with any other characters on the show.It makes some fans think of how Justin usually complains about being blackmailed into helping her when she sometimes does ask for his help, yet sneaks to help her when she doesn't, revealing how much he actually enjoys playing a part in fixing Alex's mess-ups, furthering his need to follow what he has deemed the description of an older brother.

As of the finale of the season, she is the Family Wizard after winning the Family Wizard Competition.

She is very skilled at "Make-'em-Ups", when a wizard can make up their own emergency spell.

Riley (Brian Kubach) had been Alex's crush for most of the first season, and to impress him, she calls herself his good luck charm, and manipulates Justin, without him figuring out to magically win his -and Riley's, as she was always quick to emphasize- baseball game.

Other episodes of the series sometimes show Alex to be conceited in a similar manner, though it's really only harmless fun, and she enjoys her loved ones' typical reactions to them.

Alex really likes boosting up her already great self-esteem by showering herself with such things that brought about those moments.