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03 Jan

So there's always that tension as Season 2 unfolds.

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I think it does force him to reevaluate his priorities. She might not know everything about what's going on with Briggs but in some way her intuition always seems to be right on point.

In my mind, as Daniel, I thought maybe that might pop back up Season 3, it might pop back up at some point during the current season. I was actually anxious [for it] to pop back up because it makes things complicated and that makes for good TV. What will be his next course of action after hearing the tape?

Sunjata: I'll tell you this: he starts trying to figure out who's got the tape, and who is messing with him in this way and what is he going to do about it.

After the production's huge cast finished taking their curtain calls (27 actors!

), we caught the opening night party around the corner at Spotlight Live, where, among so many guests, Garner's matinee idol hubby Ben Affleck cheered his lady love on.