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29 Dec

I was brought back to reality by Ryan coming into the room and sitting down and his mum pooping her head in and speaking to me. " As I asked this I leaned back onto the bed and rested my hand behind me, it landed in something wet... I felt Ryan's warm cum leaking out of my ass, into the panties which I was still wearing... I laid back and waited for a reply, teasing my hard nipples in my hands. Xx I smirked to myself, I had him wrapped around my finger. I did my hair and make-up, black lipstick and killer eye liner.

"It was fine thank you Daniel, I'm gonna make some dinner, are you staying with us? My phone buzzed: Today was great but you're coming out in public? I frowned and text back: What am I too ugly to be out in public? My phone buzzed super quick, he was waiting for my reply, clearly eager. I wasn't just Kelly, I was badass Kelly with an attitude.

I had to make a decision, next time was I gonna try even harder to dominate, have him on his back, rubbing his dick with my foot as I stood over him? Or is a sissy meant to truly know and have her place...

should I just let him tie me to a bed and use me however he wants?

He pulled out of my mouth when he was done and I took in a large breath, and stood up in case I was so exhausted I sank to my bare bottom on the woods floor.

I pulled my jeans up and Ryan did the same, I grabbed him one more time and kissed him, more gentle this time. " I nodded "yeah, text me later sexy." I actually was kinda craving more, but knew it hand to end for now.

He placed both hands on each of my asscheeks, spreading them so my gaping asshole was his for the taking. The cool November air didn't prevent me from having a raging erection as Ryan began to fuck me, I clung onto the tree as he started to pick up the pace, he let out little moans and grunts as his cock worked in and out of my tight hole.

Ryan broke the kiss, looked at me and said "that was amazing... I turned and looked at the tree, that would be our tree now, I thought to myself.

Ryan kissed me on the cheek before we went out separate ways.

I heard him say "I know you like that, let's see if I can really get you over the edge baby girl." As he said girl he grabbed my cock with his other hand, his hand started pumping it in time with his thrusts into my ass, he continued teasing my nipple and he whispered in my ear "take it you little bitch, you're my slut aren't you?

" Ryan was so deep he was smashing my g-spot, all of my pleasure zones were being activated at once, my balls were tingling with the familiar feeling that cum was on the way.