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29 Jan

Thanks pals :) Note: I recently made it generate "ideographic" spaces which are wider.

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The typical vaporwave text style that this translator helps you convert normal text into is used in song titles, vaporwave art, vaporwave You Tube videos, and all over the vaporwave scene.That’s why the most important thing is knowing when you are both seeing each other again.But it’s a problem when one of the partners is controlling that rather than both.I think six months is the limit, and even six months would be difficult for young virile people.If you are always seeing people who are attractive and friends are out having fun, who wants to be out sitting alone like a gooseberry? If you are apart for a year or more, it will be difficult making your LDR work, unless you have an end goal, for example being reunited and seeing each other a lot at the end of that year.