Tights dating

02 Apr

The non-slip sole is excellent, especially in high heels, although I find the lack of toe (designed so you can wear them with open-toed shoes) a bit creepy, as your feet are a different colour from your legs. These tights keep you cool in warmer weather and over-heated offices: they are made using a Japanese yarn, which releases a cooling sensation as you wear them.

We are known nationally and internationally as an exclusive introduction agency.Since the mid-Nineties, sheer hosiery has been abandoned by women, worn only if the office dress code demands it.I haven’t worn a pair of tights for 20 years because I think they look unstylish.This is the best colour for me so far: the key is to choose something slightly darker than your skin tone.From the colour to the denier, there's a lot to think about when it comes to wearing tights.