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10 Apr

She named him Tupac Amaru—Incan for “shining serpent”—after an 18th-century Peruvian revolutionary whom Spanish colonizers pulled apart with horses.

(In December 1996, a left-wing guerrilla group bearing the same name invaded the Japanese ambassador’s residence in Lima, taking hostages.)Afeni settled with her baby in the Bronx and pursued preying landlords, not as a Panther, but as a paralegal.

“Let me tell you the reality,” she begins, her words as sharp as his lyrics. That child changed things for all of us.”There are moments, though, remembering the man that child became, when Afeni grasps her shoulders and, like any grieving mother, shakes with pain. Remembering the ringing phone that broke her sleep the night of September 7, another. A prophet, said a menace, said Bob Dole—and both were right. Because Tupac Shakur was born in the middle of a war.

Studios dubbed him “the next James Dean,” salons, “the next Genet.” Untamed, untamable, he embodied the black-male myth, made art of it, was imprisoned by it. Its beginnings can be traced to a defining moment in U. race relations: the bitter Ocean Hill-Brownsville teachers’ strike of 1968.

How else to describe a woman who fought her jailers for the daily milk and egg she needed for the child inside her? There was a darker legacy, too: drug dealing, arrests for assault and weapons possession, a prison term after an alleged gang rape.

You can hear the grit in her still, when she talks of her boy. My mother was a domestic, and I was whatever the fuck I was. He was a roil of opposites—warm and sensitive one instant, cold and quick-tempered the next—and the explosiveness of the mix made him rap’s most dangerous star.

"[Madonna] gave me a note to give to him," he said. They were a thing for a minute."According to ' Preme, they were an item, but things never got too serious between the Pac and the Queen of Pop."They were kicking it," he said.

"[I didn't read it,] I was just happy she was giving him a note. He was about the business and then they linked up and I would take him to her house and shit when we got back to L. "I don't think it was super serious, gonna get married or some shit.

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Earlier this year, Madonna confirmed she once dated rap icon Tupac Shakur, after over a decade of speculation.Or the parents, who had crossed picket lines to keep them open?Caught up in it was 21-year-old Alice Faye Williams, a North Carolina maid’s daughter and high-school dropout who had played at gang war and briefly loved a bodyguard of Malcolm X’s.Now Pac's brother Mopreme Shakur is backing up the singer's claims in a new interview where he details some of the two music legends' encounters.Speaking with DJ Vlad, Shakur recalled an encounter he had with the pop maven back in the mid '90s when she came to see the rapper on the set of , and said the two entertainers' relationship kicked off from there.