Unequally yoked and dating

10 Dec

The man, as the ‘head,’ has a duty to listen to all the other parts of the body.

He is responsible to his family and finally to God for the decisions he makes.

After all, I’m writing an article supposedly to make the case that my wife should, horror of all horrors, OBEY me… WHO in the name of Barbara Streisand do I think I am?

Why, I must think really highly of myself to be deluded with that kind of self-aggrandizing pomposity! The truth is, I’m no more qualified to head my household than I was to receive salvation from God – which is to say not at all.

I’ve done nothing, absolutely nothing, to deserve the headship of my home.

In fact, sometimes the thought of being responsible for leading my wife and four children scares me to death!

Certainly, any wisdom and strength I have for the task is completely God-given.

So that all begs the question – why on EARTH would I even try to make this case, when virtually the entire population has been programmed to think it tantamount to coming home from work, putting on a ‘wife-beater,’ sitting on the couch in front of the TV and screaming at the ‘old lady’ to bring a light and a cold one, pronto?

She is smart, sexy, strong, brave, confident, wise, Godly, and apparently (given that her husband is writing an article entitled, “Why Should My Wife Obey me? I mean, they probably already have a statue built of her in heaven’s town square just for putting up with me!

All are admirable goals, but do we really have the capacity to conduct both operations efficiently? While the person in charge should certainly get advice from those he is responsible for, someone has to make the final decision.

Common sense says, otherwise, nothing of consequence gets done.

If we love our wives as we are called to do, to the point of chivalry, consideration, protection, and self-sacrifice, it’s naturally easy for the wife to submit to her husband.

After all, she knows he has her best interest at heart.