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28 Feb

Employers’ should be mindful of whether a non-solicitation clause will be effective in the context of social networking activities on and employees’ public exposure easily garnered with use of Linked In if they seriously expect to rely upon this type of covenant.

Protecting customer lists is no longer a question of confiscating rolodexes or preventing employees from taking customer lists when they leave. Consideration of the markets in which businesses operate and what would truly damage the business when an employee went to work with another business in the same sector should be considered.

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Since 2011 the California Department of Insurance received more than 1,000,000 calls from consumers and helped recover over 9 million in claims and premiums.The validity and effectiveness of these clauses in their traditional form when considered in the modern context is sometimes questionable, particularly where social media and Linked In are used extensively for professional networking.At the same time, it must be remembered that attempts to strengthen them by imposing overly-restrictive or onerous limits on the activities of former employees will be seen by courts as a restraint of trade, ‘an affront to public policy’ and unenforceable.The Pennsylvania court found that the regulations "contradict the text of the statute that they purport to interpret."California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones submitted a declaration in this case, providing evidence demonstrating that women would be harmed if the Trump rule denying women access to contraceptives is permitted to remain in effect."Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance policies must cover contraceptives.