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23 Dec

This command saves the system state on the hard disk drive and powers off the machine.

When you turn the machine back on, the system then restores its state from the saved data without having to boot again.

The command-line syntax is as follows: Cell CLI does not have a login parameter or a connect command.

Cell CLI uses the cell operating system authentication.

Otherwise the permissions that are set after Ruby coerces the number may not match what you expect.

This warning is shown when you include a recipe that is not in the current cookbook and not defined as a dependency in your cookbook metadata.

To prevent systemd from sending this message, run the selected command with the This command saves the system state in RAM and with the exception of the RAM module, powers off most of the devices in the machine.

In the second phase it configures the node against the resource collection.

Don’t worry about changing your recipe if it already does what you want - the amount of Ruby syntactic sugar to apply is very much a matter of personal taste.

Your README needs to be in Markdown format for this to work.

You can start Cell CLI from the operating system command line on the cell that you want to manage or remotely from a network-attached client using Secure Shell (SSH).