Updating software on verizon phone

02 Mar

And this spring, RIM will open its own download site exclusively for Black Berry users, which will certainly require a system update.

Updating software is simple on an i Phone; i Tunes checks for, and prompts you to download, any updates to the phone’s software every time you sync the device with your computer.

A recent case in point: Some of our online user reviews (available to subscribers) dinged the Black Berry Storm soon after it launched in November, complaining that "the screen would not respond to touch commands, and would freeze up" and "it takes too long for the screen to switch." We, too, encountered such problems when we began testing and Rating the Blackberry Storm (available to subscribers).

But the problems all but disappeared when we downloaded a software patch from Verizon, which became available a few weeks after the phone's release.

All Verizon phones and data-enabled devices had previously run on CDMA2000 connections - the network responsible for Verizon's 3G and 2G data.

CDMA2000 uses an older authentication system (identifying and OK'ing your device to connect to the data network).

At this point, you notice you no longer have a data connection, and throw your phone at the nearest wall.

The severity of the problem can depend on your device.

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So, in an attempt to smooth out the transition to the new technology (Verizon intends to decommission its 3G network in most areas eventually) and ensure handsets used uniform schemes to connect to any part of the data network, Verizon essentially made it a network directive that all 4G LTE devices would use a single authentication system for 3G and 4G data connectivity.

Verizon 3G-only phones use the old authentication system, because they don't have these SIM cards.

Verizon is the only carrier in the US currently operating on this somewhat odd mixture of authentication schemes and network technologies.

They did this by requiring all 4G devices use UICC SIM cards, which allow for authentication on many types of networks.

This is what your 4G LTE UICC SIM card does - it's responsible for authenticating you on both Verizon's 3G and 4G networks.