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26 Feb

Monday after he attacked his wife, authorities said.

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Recently, Trump cryptically warned about the “calm before the storm” after a White House meeting with US military leaders.York County Detective Mike Doty was the most seriously injured.Officers were called to Mc Call’s home outside of York, about 25 miles southwest of Charlotte, around p.m.WASHINGTON – The Air Force is surging forward with a massive, fleet-wide modernization overhaul of the battle-tested, Vietnam-era B-52 bomber, giving it new radar, weapons and possibly a new engine, service leaders say. Continue reading original article The Military & Aerospace Electronics take: 29 June 2017 -- The workhorse B-52 bomber for the U. military, dating back to the 1960s, is being outfitted with a modern active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar to bring the airplane modern, high-tech threat-detection technology.Engineers are also now equipping all 76 of the Air Force B-52s with digital data links, moving-map displays, next-generation avionics, new radios and an ability to both carry more weapons internally and integrate new, high-tech weapons as they emerge, service officials say.