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01 Jan

For negative SEO purposes, you’ll want a list of your latest links: This will pop up an option menu, allowing you to either download to CSV or Google Docs.

Either works fine; your choice depends on whether you want to explore the data in excel or Google Docs. Once you choose to download your website’s latest links in CSV you’ll see a download bar pop up in the bottom of your browser.

This means that negative SEO, which some are simply referring to as NSEO, has the potential to result in extremely harmful consequences.Simply navigate to “View,” “Freeze Rows,” and “Freeze 1 row.” Now you’re ready to review the data.You now have your recent links displayed in front of you, organized into an easy to review fashion. Google Webmaster Tools provides us with two points of data: First discovered (date), and Links (the full URL path of the page linking).For those new to SEO who are adding their first website to GWT, make sure to use Google’s help page here.Head on over to Google Webmaster Tools and you’ll be directed to the home page with a list of sites you manage.