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01 Feb

While Japanese people are really impressed by it, I’ve noticed that some Japanese men seemed to be a bit intimidated.At least they’ve reacted in a way I’ve never seen a Western guy react to it. Well, maybe I am – and all is good, but I’m certainly not doing it on purpose ….A lot of Japanese men seem to be horrified by the thought of a woman being smarter than them.

Also, Japanese kids and teenagers are getting taller and taller recently.

Finding gloves where my long fingers fit in can also be a drama.

However, skirts and tops without long sleeves are perfect.

In Germany we try to get out as soon as summer comes to get a tan, comparing who got darker afterwards. The sun in Japan is very aggressive and you have to be careful.

Here in Japan, they probably compare who’s whiter instead. I’m also using sunblock and cover my arms with long gloves if I’m out in the sun for too long, but not because I want to stay pale.