Who is adam duritz dating

12 May

Lucas, the werewolf Misfit, has his last Christmas dinner as a “normal” teenager: They went through the motions, the four of them. For Brittany, his sixteen-year-old sister, a root beer. This was Canada in late December in an uncommonly cold year, so when Lucas claimed chill, he meant chill. December is cold, and the holidays, although only a calendar week (from CE^2 to NYD), are a test of endurance as much as they are also a celebration.

Last week we talked about Adam Duritz of the Counting Crows in terms of his hair; this week we’ll focus on his music, which lays out an oft-overlooked fact: even in sunny Los Angeles (where I also live), Decembers can be longggg…

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Ideally this will escalate to flaming bags of poop left on doorsteps in the New Year. Clay wouldn’t do either Ripa or Rosie, Rosie would probably put the hammer down on Ripa, but I’m guessing Ripa would pass on Mr.

“Mc Use My Hands Because ICan’t Think” (that may be the longest Mc Fake Last Name joke ever, Evil B let’s put an intern on researching that).

Rosie is so over feuding with Donald Trump and she has now shifted her focus to “American Idol” and the judges. Walters tried to defend herself, but Rosie wouldn’t let her get a word in.

The bigwigs at the “View” must be LOVING all of this. A rep for Rosie and Barbara didn’t even have the strength to straight-up deny that a fight occurred.