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03 Apr

And obviously Clay and Hannah’s story is so amazing and Katherine [Langford] was fantastic, so any scenes with her.The scene where Clay thinks back to what he could’ve said to Hannah to save her life I think is such an impactful scene and meant so much to me when I read it.But he was on medication for that, as we found out, but I don’t think it was anything much more than that, at least that I know of.If there are more seasons I don’t know if that will ever be explained, but I think that’s it.

Of course, as fans know, Hannah and Clay never got the chance to explore that.It’s just that we’re not in a romantic relationship. I wouldn’t say that there’s anybody in the cast where lines of communication are closed. I think we’ve done a good job for pretty much everybody.Right after the show, we’ve all done a pretty good job staying in contact with each other. Once you make decisions, you can’t go back and second guess them because you’ll drive yourself crazy.I don’t know if a scene has ever hit me as much as that.Sitting there reading it, knowing what it means, I’ve never quite felt so attached to a character or scene in anything I’ve ever done.