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22 Mar

She becomes angry and tells him she will always love him. Keith and David also mend their relationship, where Keith is visibly moved by David coming out.David and Keith reconnect after Keith seeks comfort from David after killing a man on the job.He later breaks up with him after Ben admits that he loves David, but David can't answer, stating he is 'in love with someone else' which causes Ben to storm out in anger.Keith also breaks up with Eddie and both become involved, with David quickly moving into Keith's apartment.He seems to share a loving, if not a slightly strained relationship with his mother, Ruth.He and his father had a distant but loving relationship.It ends in a struggle, and both engage in rough sex. David decides to join the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles.David notices Keith's awkwardness when it comes to spending time with David's friends from the Chorus.

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When a young homosexual man is murdered, it haunts David, and he begins to believe he will go to hell.

He accepts who he is when he delivers a sermon as church deacon, and resigns afterward.

He comes out to his mother, who guessed as much but refused to accept it.

Keith is conflicted over his family situation (his sister's drug abuse and neglect over her daughter, Taylor) and his relationship with Eddie (who he admits only ever wants to have sex) and his remaining feelings for David.

David begins a relationship with Ben, a lawyer, but cannot shake his feelings for David.