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05 May

Thanks mostly to its amazing finish (dubbed the “Minneapolis Miracle” by Vikings announcer Paul Allen), the game peaked at about 46 million viewers.However, the game drew a 21.8 overnight rating, which is down 23 percent from last year’s late Sunday afternoon divisional game between the Packers and Cowboys, and down 17 percent from the Steelers-Broncos game in 2016.Dallas, while 36 had either played or been active in at least one playoff game prior to that game.Only 7 players on the Vikings roster have yet to be active for a postseason game.Click here to view all stations on the Vikings Radio Network.Vikings Make 26th Postseason Appearence The 2009 postseason marks the Vikings 26th playoff appearance and Sunday will be the team’s 45th playoff game in franchise history.Foles and Case Keenum represent a pair of unknowns who don’t exactly rise to the marquee of Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and other quarterbacks forced to watch the rest of the playoffs from home.Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch calculated that the floor in terms of ratings for the NFL championship games is a combined average audience of 44 million viewers, which poses something of a litmus test for the league.

That follows a wild-card weekend that saw its lowest ratings since 2008.“If the combined viewership is below that, it will tell you how deep the viewership issues are,” Deitsch wrote.“If it’s above that, we can continue a longer ratings conversation.” Maybe the Raiders know something the rest of us don’t. Somebody is not and somebody’s going to be sorry.” Watch: fared the worst, at least during the second half of the season.Despite having the largest television market remaining in the playoffs, NBC’s Eagles-Falcons game drew a 17.4 rating, which was down 5 percent from Seahawks-Falcons last year and 12 percent from Chiefs-Patriots in 2015.Without the potential draw of star quarterback Carson Wentz, the game was the second-lowest-rated early Saturday divisional game since 2001, according to Sports Media Watch.