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18 Feb

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I was telling my good friend on this and we were puzzled how the luggage can get so fast to Indonesia just one day he had sent to the courier service at NY, its very puzzling so now he asking for my help is a clear sign he is a scammer!

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No matter how much they profess to love you, they will never answer any of your questions if you turn their own questions to you around back to them. But now they have 200 pictures of me and I'm not a bad looking 47yr old, I'm afraid they will try and scam some poor old guy with my pictures. The first week of emails he said he got a big contract to go to Cape Town, South Africa and he would only be gone in 3 weeks and we would be together. I spoke to him and told me he lost a baggage that contained his laptop, US cell phone, his daughter's ipoh, ipad and other stuff.

I experienced the same on a christian dating online site; met 2 "geologists" who pretended to be in love with me; and eventually asked me for money for a Contract or supplies, etc. I lost my house, my SUV, all my money, and got my heart broke over and over again until I finally learned. I have reported this scam twice but no one has gotten a hold of me. I'd like to just have one hour alone with him so I can cut his throat. I will pray for you and I hope you get ahold of me. I feel like you eight months of a lies Its painful and grieving. He was so sincere on his emails and told me he loved me the first time we talked on the phone. You don't fall in love with someone in a matter of days. One night we spoke on the phone he asked me to get him an itunes gift card so he could use his US cell phone to call me. He said that's what they told him to get so he can all me from his US cell phone.