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15 Feb

We’ll continue to monitor feedback about the Warmaster event and this latest change, so please share your constructive experience-based insights with us on the forums.

Good hunting, Creative Lead Trick Dempsey --- Please Note: This letter's intent was not to polarize or antagonize any of our players. As a developer designing a feature, this birds-eye view of the game's audience can be dehumanizing as is sets players in camps based on gameplay style and behavior.

Having read most if not all of the forum activity, this appears to have been the core frustration about the post, even more so than the game change.

To again be fully transparent, both myself and Phantasie Trion reviewed, edited, and signed off on the article before I published it last night.

Well I guess I wasted on a DLC that is not going to be used anymore.These players are extremely active on the forums and in-game, but still constitute a small minority of players.Here is how we are updating the event: When the last Volge in the upper level of the arkbreak is killed, the objective to open the vents appears. At that point, the vents will open themselves and the cage will appear in the room below.This puts the game’s mechanics in line with the interface indicators in the game and the instructions from EGO.Once inside the Warmaster event, players will proceed to its end in 10 to 15 minutes, thus freeing them to pursue their next adventure in a timely manner.